Tops tips for using our Development Plan Approval service

Published: 02 May 2022 - 1:43pm

Development Plan Approval (DPA) is a free service that checks development plans and deeds.

It can help you identify issues before you register individual plots.

Follow our top tips to help you get the best from the service. This will avoid any delays in processing your request.

Tip one

On the application form don’t forget to fill in the fields marked:

  • Development Plan Approval Numbers
  • Development Plan Plot Number

This helps to speed up processing and easily identify DPA related applications.

Tip two

You can avoid submitting a deed plan by clearly describing the plot in the deed.

For example:

“All and whole that plot of ground edged red and marked plot number 31 of the Development Plan ANG63461-phase 1 approved by the keeper for the development registered under ANG63461 on 1/12/2014, which subjects hereby disponed form part and portion of Title Number ANG63431”

Remember to include the usual link to the disponer’s title in the description of the plot.

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