Register of Inhibitions

The Register of Inhibitions (RoI) notifies the public about individuals who cannot competently enter into voluntary property transactions.

An individual or company may be placed on the RoI if there are proceedings for unpaid debts.

This could be because:

  • they’re bankrupt or facing bankruptcy
  • they owe someone money

An inhibition publicises that an individual or company cannot competently :

  • sell property
  • take out further loans on it
  • make changes to the maintenance responsibilities linked to that property.

Inhibition is a Court of Session procedure, although the process will also involve:

  • the Accountant in Bankruptcy
  • the sheriff officers/messengers at arms
  • insolvency firms
  • solicitors.

Registering documents related to inhibitions

Submit your registrations for inhibitions using our digital submission service. You need to have a Register of Scotland business account to access this service.

You can add permissions to your account to access this register.

If you do not have an account, you can apply for access.

Registration fees

It is £25 to register each document.

Find out more about our Chancery and Judicial registration fees.

Search the RoI

The register is typically searched by:

  • solicitors
  • conveyancers
  • banks and financial institutions.

Business account holders

If you have a business account with RoS, you can search the register using ScotLIS.

Searches using ScotLIS cost:

  • £1 per search, up to six names

Searching the RoI as a member of the public

If you do not have a ScotLIS login, you can contact us to request a search of the RoI.

Search requests cost:

  • £30 + VAT, up to six names
  • £25 + VAT, for a copy of a deed in the RoI

We’ll send you a list of names on the register that either fully or partially match your search criteria. You can order a copy of any deed from this list.

A search in the RoI covers a five-year period. If you need to search over a longer period, we’ll have to do more than one search.

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