Service standards

We set ourselves high standards of customer service. We are transparent and publish statistics showing how well we perform against our service standards.

Here's how we have performed from 1 April 2018 to 30 June 2018 (end of week 13 of 2018-19):

Register(s) Service Standard Applications Completed YTDService Standard YTD
1. Enter new land register applications on the application record 

Within one working day

2. Register applications in:     
  • Chancery and Judicial Registers (registration process)

Within three working days



  • Crofting Register

3. Register applications in: General Register of Sasines


Within 20 working days


4. Register (1) land register applications for deeds affecting:

  • registered land


Within 20 working days

  • unregistered land (standard) (2)

  • part of registered land where the keeper has given development plan approval


5. Register other applications for deeds affecting unregistered land


Within six months


6. Register applications for deeds affecting part of registered land


Within nine months


1 Where an application is reliant on an earlier or same day application the relevant service standard will be the longer one.

2 Relevant applications are those upon which RoS has carried out pre-work (research areas).