How KIR works

Keeper-induced registration (KIR) transfers the title to a property from the sasine register to the land register.

If you’re transacting in an area where KIR is taking place, you should undertake the usual searches before you submit:

  • advance notices
  • plans reports
  • legal reports
  • applications for first registration

If we receive an advance notice, plans report or application for first registration while a KIR transfer is pending, we’ll halt the KIR process to allow the transaction to continue as planned. A legal report will disclose the KIR.

A note disclosing the newly created land register title number will appear on the relevant search sheet in the same way as a note would be placed during the processing of a first registration application.

Querying errors in a KIR registration

If you think we’ve made a mistake about the extent of a property, you can use our notification of inaccuracy form to request rectification of the register. We don’t charge a fee for this type of request.

Notify us of an inaccuracy (PDF, 390KB)

Off-register events

A new land register title created by KIR will reflect information on the sasine register. We can’t take account of any off-register events.

However, we’ll rectify the land register where:

  • there are multiple proprietors in the title sheet with a survivorship destination, and one has died, and
  • that survivorship destination has not been evacuated, and
  • we have satisfactory evidence to this effect

Read further guidance on rectification.

Requesting a plans report on a KIR-registered title

If you request a plans report over an unregistered plot that has been registered under KIR powers, we will supply a level 3 plans report over the registered KIR title instead.

First registration applications on a KIR-registered title

A legal report submitted over an unregistered subject will disclosed the KIR title number, allowing any new application to be presented as dealing or transfer of part.

If you submit a first registration application on a plot where KIR has operated, we’ll convert the first registration application to a dealing, provided that it passes the intake stage. Those checks will include consideration of our current policy regarding title numbers in writs.


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