Plan assistance service

Plan assistance service

Helping you with your mapping requirements 

The plan assistance service (PAS) uses advanced geo-spatial software to translate information from your deeds onto a plan suitable for registration.

What PAS does

The plan assistance service:

  • transfers title extent information to the Ordnance Survey (OS) map
  • highlights potential extent problems including cadastral conflicts
  • provides a mapped interpretation from Sasines title descriptions
  • generates an accurate digital map and map data which meets RoS deed plan criteria

Please note, we can't offer legal advice on how to proceed with a registration.

When to use PAS

If the title deeds don't meet deed plan requirements under the 2012 Act, the plan assistance service can provide a plan of title extents on an OS MasterMap©.

This could be for a single title for an individual plot of land or a large estate title, made up of a number of cadastral units, residue of parent titles or adjoining cadastral units. The cost will be determined by the number of cadastral units involved. It is a particularly useful service where the number of titles excludes examination as part of a plans report, or for those wishing to submit a voluntary application for first registration.

Tailored plans requests

We can accommodate a variety of plans requests, for instance plans showing a number of cadastral units if need be. The cost will be determined by the number of cadastral units involved.
Even if you don't have plans, for instance due to the age of the estate, we can help you interpret, examine any subsequent alienations and adjoining Sasine and land registered titles to help determine the extent.

Who PAS is for

The plan assistance service is ideal for customers looking to transfer historical title deeds onto the OS map and boundary extents where there are complicated land areas.

It is particularly beneficial for:

  • large land and estates owners
  • legal firms acting for landowners
  • rural landowners
  • renewable energy firms
  • public bodies

The benefits

The plan assistance service has a number of benefits:

  • uses RoS knowledge and expertise to inform the mapping process for a first or voluntary registration
  • an in-depth plans-based examination of both the Sasine and land register titles
  • assistance to determine the extent of titles prior to an application being submitted
  • plans meet RoS deed plan criteria, using OS MasterMap©
  • results supplied in a digital format suitable for geographic information systems (GIS)
  • excellent value for money with no hidden costs 


These prices do not include VAT.

Number of titles or breakaway deedsCost

If the number of titles exceeds 500 then the fee calculation starts again, for example 501 would equate to 500 + 1 = £3,090.

How to apply

To use our plan assistance service, submit a request through the reports section of our eService portal.
Once we receive your request we send you a service agreement proposal. You have 60 days to confirm you are happy with the proposal.
After that time we assume that no action is to be taken and archive the request. It can be re-opened on request and we can continue with your application subject to any changes in our fees or provision.

View step-by-step guidance for using the application system.

Detailed requests

Please provide us with a clear instruction of your requirements. Ideally we prefer to have an inventory detailing the descriptive (or breakaway) title deeds and any alienations in chronological order. 

Supporting documents

We need to have copies, or preferably the originals, of the foundation title(s) that form the original extent of the properties in question. We can work from an inventory of writs, which lists any alienations. We prefer to have copies of these writs if possible.

Colour copies of plans should be provided if:

  • Sasine recorded title deeds have duplicate plans recorded
  • deeds are recorded for preservation in the Books of Council and Sessions

Supporting documents can either be attached to the form or sent:

How long it takes

As a bespoke product each plan assistance service will be unique and vary in complexity. Our experts aim to contact you with a times estimate for completion within 48 hours of receiving your request.
If you have a specific date that you need your request completed by, please tell us and we will try to accommodate this if possible.

Additional information

If you need more information, please contact