Qualified Electronic Signature

The Register of Deeds accepts electronic documents signed by a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) (subject to limited exceptions).

You can upload these via online services . Here, you can upload electronic documents signed with QES only.

These documents must be the original copy, not a photocopy.

Find out more about submitting electronic documents signed by a QES.

Mixed format deeds

You can also submit mixed-format deeds. If you have a single application that contains both wet signed documents and QES signed documents (such as missives or counterpart documents), you must submit the QES signed document first.

You must print a confirmation page to submit by post with the wet signed document.

Learn more about how your document has been signed by QES.


Electronic deeds are still subject to the usual checks for registration; read Register of Deeds common rejection reason checklist before you submit.

If you wish to learn more about how these signatures are used and what types are available, read The Law Society Scotland’s electronic signature guidance.

Further information about QES is available on our Knowledge Base.

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