Voluntary registration

You can protect your ownership of an unregistered plot of land by applying for registration on the land register.

This is called voluntary registration.

The land register is a digital, map-based record of land ownership. It’s gradually replacing the older, deeds-based General Register of Sasines.

Why voluntarily register your property?

The land you own may be your biggest asset, and adding it to the land register helps safeguard your ownership.

Voluntary registration:

  • helps clarify the boundaries of your land and identify what you own
  • offers a state-backed warranty provided by the keeper
  • simplifies future transactions over complex or scattered estates, helping to reduce costs.

How to apply

Our voluntary registration guide shows you how to apply for voluntary registration.

We strongly recommend that you use a solicitor to prepare your registration.

Find a solicitor through the Law Society of Scotland.


The cost of voluntary registration depends on the property you register. A solicitor will charge fees on top of our registration fees.

Our fees for voluntary registration are based on the value of the property and currently have a 25% discount.

Value up to Voluntary registration fee
£50,000 £60.00
£100,000 £110.00
£150,000 £200.00
£200,000 £300.00
£300,000 £400.00
£500,000 £500.00
£700,000 £600.00
£1,000,000 £700.00
£2,000,000 £830.00
£3,000,000 £2,480.00
£5,000,000 £4,130.00
over £5,000,000 £6,190.00


Contact us if you have questions about how the voluntary registration process works. We cannot give legal advice. You can email the support team at:customer.services@ros.gov.uk.

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