Fee change – information services

Published: 10 March 2021

The Keeper also provides information products and services based on the data held in the registers she is responsible for.

Some of these services incur a fee. These are set by the Keeper not by legislation.

We are changing the fee and improving the service for investigating non-addressable properties.

Investigating non-addressable properties

You will receive:

  • A response outlining the ownership status of the property and a list of supporting documents you may want to purchase.
  • A link to purchase the title sheet on ScotLIS if any part of the request is registered in the Land Register.
  • Information on suggested next steps if no sasine titles have been found within our investigation.

If the land or property investigation includes three titles or fewer

£60 plus VAT (previously £20 plus VAT)

If the areas of interest include more than three titles this is categorised as a project investigation.

This is charged at an hourly rate of £54 plus VAT.

The property information team will contact customers before work starts to agree the price for each specific request.

Purchasing supporting documents

There will be an additional fee of £25 plus VAT for each supporting document purchased. This fee is set by legislation.

We are also making changes to our statutory registration fees from 01 April 2021.

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