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Published: 15 July 2020
Last updated: 23 February 2022

Sasine register applications can be submitted digitally.

Our digital submission service deliberately mirrors our existing paper submission processes.

Digital sasine submissions are the equivalent of what you would have previously posted to us in an envelope.

You do not need to send us physical documents after submitting digitally.

To use this service you’ll need:

  • an online services account
  • an active direct debit

Access our online services

Apply for an online services account

Application types

This service is for:

  • Sasine only applications
  • Dual registration applications (applications over both the land and sasine register)

Service walkthrough

We have updated our Sasine Digital Submission Service. Watch our walkthrough videos to see our new and improved process

If you would like the content from these videos in an accessible format, please contact us with your preferences.

Sasine only walkthrough

Dual registration walkthrough

Accepted deed types

All deed types are now available for sasine submission.

If you need to make a bulk transfer, you can contact our customer services team.

Get in touch as soon as you can to give our processing teams as much notice as possible.

Submitting documents

There is no longer a requirement to sign the Sasine Application Form (SAF) when using the digital submission service.

Deeds and referenced documents

All deeds must be signed in accordance with the legislation.

There is no relaxation of the requirement to sign deed plans. Signed versions of plans can be attached to the deed via the digital portal.

The maximum upload size for a single document is 75MB.

Large plans and shape files

If a plan exceeds our 75MB upload limit, scan in the best possible quality and submit.

We won’t reject an application if submitting through the service creates an issue with the plan. For example we are unable to:

  • view a clear signature
  • make out the required detail

If this happens, we will contact you to request a rescan or another format.

Contact customer services if you have a shape file to submit with your application.

Applications using spreadsheets

Complex transactions and voluntary registrations sometimes use spreadsheets.

You can save spreadsheets in PDF format and upload these in the ‘additional information’ section of the portal.

If you can’t provide a deed or dual registration document

If you can't digitally provide a deed or document, we will attempt to process your submission from our available records.

If the deed is not available from our records, or is of poor quality, we will contact the lead agent and attempt to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Sealed documents

Scan and add a covering note to state that the deed contains a seal.

Agents should highlight a seal by circling it in pencil or by lightly pencilling over it.

Covering letters

For complex transactions, you may submit a covering letter.

This can include information on:

  • the number of applications forms
  • the order of registration
  • any other relevant information

Covering letters should be saved as a PDF and submitted as additional documents.

Extract requests

We are currently unable to provide extracts as part of the registration.

Any requests on the sasine application form will not be actioned.

If your deed needs to be registered in the Books of Council and Session, read our guidance on the process.

Notifications and acknowledgements

Notifications that were previously paper based will now be emailed to you.

This will include the presentment acknowledgement and recording acknowledgement.

When your deed is recorded, the electronic copy submitted will be digitally stamped and returned to you by email.

Rejected applications

Normal sasine rejection policies apply.

We can only accept dual registration applications through the sasine submission process.

Land register submissions that include sasine application forms as supporting documents will be rejected.

We will provide guidance with rejected applications.

Querying a submission

Contact customer services:

Phone: 0800 169 9391

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