Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds contains original documents. Most commonly wills, leases and minutes of agreement.

You can:

Its full name is the Register of Deeds and Probative Writs in the Books of Council and Session. Its origins lie in the mid-1500s.

Two types of registration are possible in this register.

First, you can register a deed for preservation. This means we will retain the original deed and send you an extract that can be used in its place.

Second, in some cases, you can register a deed for preservation and execution. Deeds registered for this purpose will also be retained but the extract we send you will contain a warrant that grants authority for all lawful execution.

The Register of Deeds is one of three registers that jointly comprise the Books of Council and Session. The other two are the Register of Judgments and the Register of Protests.


If you have a business user login, you can search the register using ScotLIS.

If you don’t have an account, you can order documents from the register.

Find out how you can search for a will.


You can register a deed using our Books of Council and Session (C&S 1) form (pdf, 115KB)


You can read detailed guidance on the Register of Deeds including fees, signatures, and the C&S 1 application form.

See guidance on how the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax relates to registers in the Books of Council and Session.


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