Bespoke data services

We’ll work with you to create data reports to suit your needs.

Bespoke reports

We can create tailored data reports, including:

  • house price statistics by geographical area in Scotland or price ranges - you can also specify time periods
  • postcode district/sector reports
  • local authority area and registration county boundary reports
  • constituency reports
  • commercial sales reports
  • creditor/FAS number reports showing details of applications submitted by a specific lender or firm of solicitors and the status of those applications - we can only offer this service to the specific lender or firm of solicitors involved
  • reports based on customer-defined boundaries

Prices for initial bespoke reports start at £300. Exact prices will depend on your criteria.

Data matching

Our data matching service is ideal for high-volume searches of our land and property registers.

This service matches your data and combines it with information from our registers to create a report tailored to your specific needs.

You can use this service to:

  • confirm ownership details
  • conduct bulk ownership searches of the land and sasine registers
  • get details of all deeds to which a particular company was party
  • find details of all standard securities in favour of a given lender

We provide title numbers or sasine search sheet numbers for all matches.

View search samples of the mortgage book, sasine searches, and Books of Council and Session searches (pdf, 134KB).

Use of our data matching service is subject to separate licensing arrangements and terms and conditions (pdf, 113KB).

Request a search

To discuss your requirements and start a search,you can contact us by:


Telephone: 0131 528 3701


Data matching fees will depend on your search and the returns you require.

The typical fees are:

  • £150 + VAT to set up a data matching report
  • £150 + VAT to run each report
  • £1.50 to £3 + VAT per line of data returned

If you do not provide data as required within our data matching template, we may charge an additional fee for sorting data into the appropriate format for searching.


The data matching service is only appropriate for searches of 20 names and addresses or more. For lower volume searches, contact customer services. However, please note that we can only provide lender searches via our data matching service.

A non-match for a bulk data search doesn’t necessarily mean your data is wrong or that there isn’t a match in our registers: several factors can lead to non-matches, including the spelling of names and addresses. The more information you provide, the better your results will be, but one wrong element may cause a non-match.

Land register

A search in the land register can include matches for pending applications for registration on the application record. Because applications may be cancelled, matches on the application record cannot be confirmed until registration is complete.

Land register matches will not include any removals from the title. For example, land register titles containing a Schedule of Exceptions will reflect the full address including the exceptions. A flag to highlight any such schedules can be provided for land register titles if required.

Sasine register

A search of the sasine register is more challenging than the land register. We can only complete sasine searches from 1997: anything earlier will require a manual search. We can’t provide ranking information for securities in the sasine register using data matching. This can only be provided by a manual search of the relevant search sheet.

A manual search

A manual search is still recommended over non-matches.

You can search the land register using our ScotLIS service or use our land title investigation service.

GIS Data Supply Service

We can provide extracts from the Land Register in ESRI shapefile or CAD (.dxf only) format. Please note that Crofting Register shapefiles can also be requested via the contact below.

There are two options for accessing this service:

Option 1

We carry out a GIS search of the Land Register, based on a search area supplied in shapefile format in accordance with the search criteria outlined in our GIS Data Supply Service information sheet (pdf, 218KB).

Option 2

Digital data for the registered titles is requested, by a list of title numbers. In this case no GIS search is required.

Some titles consist of several complex shapes which represent different features of the property on the Cadastral Map.

To understand what each shape represents, the title sheet and title plan should always be consulted. You can buy your title sheet and title plan as part of this service.

Use of our GIS data service is subject to separate licensing arrangements and terms and conditions (pdf, 113KB).


GIS Data Service fees will depend on your search area and the returns you need.


You can contact us at to discuss your requirements and request a cost estimate.

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