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Scotland's Land Information Service (ScotLIS)

You can visit ScotLIS public, to find:

  • house prices
    • discover the house prices in your local or prospective area
  • property owners
    • find out who owns property across Scotland.
  • boundary extents
    • find out the legal size of a property
  • buy property documents
    • get documents that relate to a property such as a title sheet or plan
  • check if a property is on the land register
    • find out if a property is currently registered

Land Register of Scotland

Registers of Scotland manage and maintain the Land Register of Scotland.

Introduced in 1981, the land register is based on the Ordnance Survey map.

It provides property owners with a state-backed guarantee of title.

Through the land register, we hold information on all house prices and property boundaries within Scotland, as well as managing the House Price Index for Scotland.

Find out more about the land register.

How we built ScotLIS

In the year 2000, we created a tool known as Registers Direct. This tool allowed professionals, such as solicitors, bankers and the police, to search the land register.

In 2017, we replaced this tool with Scotland’s Land Information Service (ScotLIS). This simplified our previous tool and made it more user-friendly.

Our goal was to make our information as easy to access as possible.

We made great progress on these goals and in 2019, we released ScotLIS Public. A version of ScotLIS that any member of the public can use, providing our data and information to the whole of Scotland.

You can get the last purchase price and date for free.

You can buy a copy of the title sheet and plan for £3.60 (Including VAT)

Visit ScotLIS to start your property search today.

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