Support for lenders

Whilst we have an arrear we can provide a bespoke report that will allow you to cross check the applications that we have received from your panel solicitors.

These reports show how we have categorised the applications and the associated service level agreement that exists for that category with a particular focus on those in out arrear.

It also highlights any discrepancies between the applications RoS has and those you as the lender expect us to have.

This information can help lenders to hone their communications to panel solicitors and cut down costs.

If you would like to discuss receiving such a report, you can contact us.

Your application date

We will check your application and, if it passes, it enters the application record of the land register the day after we receive the application.

This date becomes the date of registration.

The legal effect of your application and the protection of the Keeper’s warranty will be backdated to that date.

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