The Scottish system

Many of our policies and processes differ from other UK land registers

Our legislation is set by the Scottish Parliament.

How our process reduces risk


Your application will enter the application record on the day it is received.

The legal effect of your application and the protection of the Keeper’s warranty will be backdated to this date.

Our average rejection rate for applications submitted for registration sits at 5%.  However, where a lender is being represented by a panel solicitor, that number falls to an average of only 1.2%.

Any application that cannot be accepted on the day it is received is returned with a letter that outlines the reason for the rejection.

This helps the solicitor to correct the error and resubmit in a timely way.

After three months of receipt of an application RoS, will not reject unless it is legally impossible not to.

In such a circumstance, albeit rare, RoS will contact the submitting agent to agree a course of action to allow the application to be corrected, resubmitted and then expedited.

Advance notices

Before completing the transaction, the solicitor can obtain an advance notice.

Find out more about advance notices.

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