Land register application API

Many of our customers use commercially available or bespoke case management systems. To facilitate this, RoS provides a land register (LR) application API (application programming interface). This allows you to reuse data in your system to populate land register application in eForms.

This API service enables IT providers of RoS customers to integrate their IT systems with our eForms.

This free service consists of:

  • the API developer website interacts with the API service, providing tutorials on the behaviour of the service without the need to undertake any IT development work. It gives full information for software developers about how to use the API
  • a test environment for customers which mirrors aspects of the real service to assist your integration
  • a live service is in development


This service offers a range of benefits to RoS customers:

  • integration between your own IT system and RoS eForms
  • convenience of eForm functionality including save, update and download draft form
  • re-uses existing data from your system to pre-populate an eForm
  • reduces data entry errors  
  • can save on average 15 minutes of manual data entry
  • fully flexible: full or partial integration with your system to suit your business needs
  • the only integration solution fully supported by RoS
  • reduces the risk of changes to our eForms affecting your business processes
  • free application API service for your IT supplier to work with

Find out what others think about the service on the inside RoS blog article Land register application API - public beta

Using the service

We recommend in the first instance discussing with your IT provider if your IT systems can be integrated with this service.
If you would like to discuss any aspect of the service, or the developers’ documents, before embarking on development work please contact


The API will reflect any updates made to the eForms service, with older versions of the API retired after a specified period.  

We can advise your IT supplier on how to integrate the land register API with yours systems free of charge. Development costs are not included in the service.

For any availability issues with the developers documents, test environment or live service, contact the eservices team.