Property alert service

We do not currently have an equivalent to HMLR’s Property Alert Service.

The system of Land Registration in Scotland is very different from that in England. In Scotland, if you:

  • live in your house (i.e you have possession), you can’t lose your property if you have been removed from the title sheet through fraud
  • don’t live in your house (i.e. someone else has possession), you are extremely unlikely to lose your property in the case of fraud under Scots Law. Any good faith purchaser would get full monetary protection

Solicitors in Scotland are required to do thorough checks and have a statutory duty of care for applicants and corresponding criminal offence if they breach this.

Many solicitors use an online multiple verification service to cross-check identities, reducing identity theft and fraudulent activity. We have strong confidence in these checks, as there are low incidences of fraud in relation to property in Scotland.

If you think you have been a victim of fraud, you can read the guidance on how we can help you.

There has not been a historic demand for a property alert service in Scotland for these reasons. As with all matters relating to the services we offer, we keep this under careful review.

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