Reports identify issues prior to registration and help to reduce the likelihood of application rejection.

They provide sellers, lenders and purchasers additional assurance regarding property transactions.

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Report or search?
You require a report for subjects that are to be registered. If you want to find information about the boundaries or ownership of a plot of land, you can ask us to conduct a search.

Order reports

We recommend that you order your report as soon as possible, for example when a note of interest is received.

Please ensure that the information included in your request is accurate. Inaccurate information will cause the report to be delayed or rejected.

If you're submitting a plan with many references, you should supply us with the interest in each reference.

For example:
  • ownership
  • common ownership
  • servitude

Once completed you can view, save, and print your reports.

We aim to complete reports within 48 hours.

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Combined legal and plans reports

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