Land register completion


ScotLIS is an online land and information system that will ultimately allow citizens, communities, professionals and business users to find out comprehensive information about any piece of land or property in Scotland with a single enquiry. ScotLIS is currently in development.

The origin of ScotLIS

Deputy First Minister John Swinney announced in March 2015 that he was committed to the creation of a digital land and property information system. He invited the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland to lead this work collaboratively through a task force. Pulling together the information held by all these organisations into a single system will remove the barriers, confusion and extra costs sometimes involved with searching for land and property information.

View the full report using the link below.

A digital land and property information service for Scotland

Professor Stewart Brymer of Unifi Scotland explains more.

Where are we heading?

So, what we’re doing at the moment is working on getting sufficient evidence to write the business case. The taskforce report called for a first phase launch to happen in October 2017.

There will be a lot of implicit and explicit assumptions made as we go through this process, so we’re working to take these apart, analyse what’s involved in delivering what the taskforce had in mind, look at how that fits in with where we, and other stakeholders are, with our data.

Essentially, we’ve got a powerful central idea – bring together what seems like a naturally coherent set of data to make it easier for people to use it. We’re working in agile project management, meaning that we work iteratively; identifying needs, building products, testing and rewriting as we go along.

How to get involved

ScotLIS will be designed with the user at heart, continuingly redesigned and evolving based on the needs of the user. Therefore, we need your help to develop ScotLIS along the way. If you would like to be involved in the development phase of ScotLIS, please sign up to become part of our user experience panel.