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Published: 05 November 2018
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The British Sign Language Plan for Registers of Scotland, produced in accordance with the British Sign Language (Scotland) Act 2015.


This is the British Sign Language Plan for Registers of Scotland, produced in accordance with the British Sign Language (Scotland) Act 2015.

In the preparation of its Plan, Registers of Scotland has acknowledged and referenced the goals of Scottish Ministers published in the British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan 2017-2023.

The specific action point in the National Plan relevant to Registers of Scotland are points 5 and 6, to:

  • encourage public bodies to access BSL awareness training for staff who may work with BSL users and signpost to appropriate training

Registers of Scotland has also given consideration to the extent to which its current and future services are best reflected using British Sign Language (BSL) and how best to support BSL users in the delivery and promotion of its services.

The Plan outlines the actions Registers of Scotland will undertake between 2018 and 2024 to improve access to information and services for BSL users.

Registers of Scotland will publish a progress report in 2020 and revise and reissue it, as required, to include any further actions to be taken by 2024.

Actions to be taken

Registers of Scotland supports the main goal, as outlined in the BSL National Plan, which is that information and services across all public sector organisations in Scotland will be accessible to BSL users.

Registers of Scotland specific actions:

By October 2018

We will publish our BSL Plan on our website.

By April 2019

·    We will, as part of our Public Sector Equality Duty, update our Equalities Statement, taking account of this Plan and any other consideration in relation to BSL.

By October 2019

We will:

  • train all appropriate colleagues to use ‘contactSCOTLAND-BSL’
  • provide awareness raising and training opportunities with all our colleagues on BSL, including in its tactile form, and our BSL Plan
  • review how BSL users access to our information.

By March 2020

·    Review any feedback received and refresh our BSL Plan including the production of a progress report.

Timescales and contact details

Registers of Scotland will review this Plan in 2020 and report progress made against each action. Registers of Scotland will seek and use any feedback received to further develop the Plan and identify any further steps or actions to be taken before 2024.

Registers of Scotland welcomes comments on the Plan. Grant Eals, is the lead officer for this Plan and can be contacted with any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions.

Any feedback, including video clips or written comments, can be sent to by email to

Any postal responses should be sent to:

Registers of Scotland
153 London Road Meadowbank House Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 169 9391

Any reference in this Plan to ‘BSL users’ includes Deaf and/or Deafblind people (those who receive the language in a tactile form due to sight loss), whose first or preferred language is BSL.

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