Functional completion

Published: 10 February 2022
Freedom of information class:

Functional completion is when most land and property likely to change hands is on the land register.

Being on the register:

  • means the process of buying or selling is more likely to be quick and straightforward
  • means most people get the benefits of a fast and smooth transaction
  • represents good value for public money

How are we working towards functional completion?

We aim to be at this point by the end of 2024.

We have worked out what properties must be on the land register to achieve this goal.

This includes property that changes hands regularly, for example, flats in urban areas.

It excludes any land or property that is unlikely to sell, for example, large rural estates or social housing.

A lot of property that is unlikely to change hands is still in the sasine register.

We are making this land and property visually more helpful and accessible through "Unlocking Sasines".