Reviewing our approach to diversity and inclusion

Published: 11 December 2023
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TThis strategy will be due for a full review in 2028. However, we acknowledge that the wider, external diversity and inclusion agenda can change quickly. At times, this can change our legal obligations. It can also advance our thinking and lead to the identification of better ways to addressing this agenda.

Each year, we will consider this strategy considering any external developments in diversity and inclusion. If required, we will account for these developments in our strategy and/or our implementation of it.

Every two years, we will produce an Equality and Diversity Mainstreaming Report. Again, the development of this report, particularly our engagement with colleagues may identify changes in our own internal priorities around diversity and inclusion. As such, every two years, our review of this strategy will consider any external and internal developments in diversity and inclusion.

This will ensure that our strategy remains appropriate and effective throughout its lifespan, reflecting the current reality and priorities in relation to diversity and inclusion

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