Outcome 4: Accessible and inclusive learning

Published: 10 April 2023
Freedom of information class: How we deliver functions and services

We will have a more accessible learning offer and more EDI learning content.


What evidence informed this outcome?
External evidence highlights that access to learning is not always equitable for those with protected characteristics. Colleagues felt the accessibility of our learning offer could be improved Colleagues identified a range of learning needs in EDI matters
What do we need to address?
We want to ensure that learning and development in RoS is accessible and inclusive for all colleagues We want to further build colleagues’ understanding of EDI and their ability to support those with protected characteristics
How will it support us to meet our duties and purpose?
Public Sector Equality Duty
Eliminate discrimination
Advance equality of opportunity
Foster good relations
Protected characteristics
Age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy & maternity, race, religion & belief, sex, sexual orientation
RoS Values
Customer focused
Forward thinking
RoS Corporate Plan
Objective 4: Inspiring our People
Objective 5: Effective, efficient & future focused
RoS EDI Strategy
Workforce equality & diversity
Colleague engagement


What will we do or change to achieve the outcome?
Test learning approaches to make sure they are accessible and inclusive Create and deliver core training to learning coaches to support them to facilitate inclusive and accessible learning Identify and produce a programme of on-demand EDI learning & development to fill gaps in knowledge and understanding
Where will we see the impact of our activity?
We will have standard processes and standards. Colleagues will have a positive experience of learning Colleagues will be able to access learning more easily and have a more positive and consistent experience Colleagues will have the understanding they need to support each other and our customers
When should we start to see the impact?
6 months to
1 year
1 year to
18 months
Up to
2 years
How will we measure it?
Standards & extent of use
Colleague feedback on learning experience
Colleague feedback on learning experience Range of EDI learning available
Post-learning feedback of knowledge/understanding


This action will be led by our Learning and Development Team, with support from colleagues across People & Change.

Our equality forums and networks and external partners may support with the development EDI learning.

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