Case study - Be ROS

Published: 28 April 2023
Freedom of information class: How we deliver functions and services

We have a zero-tolerance stance on bullying, harassment, and discrimination in RoS.

We have a zero-tolerance stance on bullying, harassment, and discrimination in RoS. The Civil Service People Survey results results tell us we don’t have a problem with this. However, we believe we can still work to create a culture to prevent it happening now or in the future.

In 2021, we launched our Be ROS campaign. It sets out the standards we expect RoS colleagues to embody and aims to encourage people to be mindful of their own behaviour and make kind choices. We ask that our colleagues consider the behaviour of themselves and of others. Importantly, we want them to have the confidence to call out poor behaviours and report unacceptable behaviour.

This campaign goes beyond eliminating bullying, harassment and discrimination. The aim is to challenge ourselves and each other to interact more positively on a daily basis. Together we want to create conditions for a healthy working environment where everyone can thrive. We want to bring about positive changes in behaviours and, ultimately, our culture.

The launch took place over several weeks and included an introductory feature article and a personal blog from The Keeper. We also published a set of 3 articles viewing the same scenario from the different perspectives of victim, perpetrator, and observer.

We also delivered online workshops on preventing bullying, harassment and discrimination. Content was created by an external provider. Topics included an extended session for people managers and Active Bystander training. In total, 244 colleagues attended.

This campaign has been supported by senior leaders in RoS to give it the high profile it needs. It is led by our Head of Talent & Enablement, and taken forward by our Colleague Experience team, Internal Communications team, and HR Support team.

We continue to embed Be ROS across our communications and guidance. For example, our Inclusive Language Guide refers back to Be ROS and the importance of our choice of language in being respectful of each other.

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