Outcome 4: Develop methods and targets to measure progress

Published: 28 April 2023
Freedom of information class: How we deliver functions and services

Develop methods and targets to measure progress, including a new EDI dashboard for discussion with the Board and Executive Management.

Although continued as an outcome for 2023-25, we have made key progress to underpin future activity.

Last year we launched ethnicity and disability pay gap reporting within our Annual Report and Accounts. This is in addition to our gender pay gap reporting. There is more information on this in Annex 2.

We developed a people dashboard that includes demographic data for a number of protected characteristics. This dashboard is reviewed by our Board quarterly. It helps us to see trends and allows us to identify areas to focus on.

We also developed a dashboard for data on our recruitment. This is reviewed regularly by our Resourcing team. It tells us more about our vacant roles and job offers we have made. We will continue to develop this to provide more in-depth EDI insight.

We are working to improve our exit surveys. This will help us to understand the experiences that colleagues with protected characteristics have working in RoS.

We have created a new set of equality monitoring questions, based on Scotland’s 2022 Census. These questions cover all protected characteristics. With our new questions, we will be able to compare our workforce demographics to those of Scotland’s population.

We are currently developing key communications to encourage colleagues to complete the questions. This will include a clear explanation of why we ask for the data and how we will use it.

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