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  1. Digital submissions analysis

    22 March 2021

    An analysis of the responses to our public consultation.

  2. Foreword from the Keeper

    22 March 2021

    Innovating in the digital space is a fundamental part of what we do at Registers of Scotland (RoS). There is a very good reason for this: digital solutions are what our customers want because they deliver the high quality service they have come to

  3. Digital submissions consultation analysis

    22 March 2021

    Analysis on the public consultation to make our digital submissions service permanent.

  4. Fees overview

    11 March 2021

    An overview of our new fees which will change on 1 April 2021. Consideration paid or value. Fee. Voluntary registration fee. Not exceeding 50,000. 80. 60. Not exceeding 100,000. 140. 110. Not exceeding 150,000. 260. 200. Not exceeding 200,000. 400.

  5. Fairer Scotland Duty statement

    19 January 2021

    Our compliance with Fairer Scotland Duty.

  6. Fees consultation response

    19 January 2021

    Registers of Scotland's response to 2020 fees consultation.

  7. Business and regulatory impact assessment

    19 January 2021

    Final business and regulatory impact assessment on 2020 fee review.

  8. Digital submissions 2020

    17 December 2020

    A consultation on our proposal to make our digital submissions service permanent.

  9. Fee review 2020

    6 October 2020

    A consultation on our proposals to vary statutory fees.

  10. User feedback survey

    18 December 2019

    User feedback survey for statistics and data with findings, conclusions and next steps.