Register of Judgments

The Register of Judgments contains documents relating to judgments from certain overseas courts.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Register of Judgments is temporarily closed to paper applications.

Applications can be submitted via our new digital submission service.

Registration can:

  • permit certain overseas judgments to be recognised and enforced in Scotland
  • enable certain Scottish judgments to be enforced overseas

Find out about what can be registered and registration requirements in chapter 62 of the Court of Session Rules.

Any applications for judgments made under chapter 62 of the Court of Session Rules should be addressed to the manager of the Chancery and Judicial Registers, quoting the rule the application is being made under.

This register is one of three divisions of the Books of Council and Session, along with the Register of Deeds and Register of Protests.

Register a deed

Send your documents with a covering letter to us at:

Registers of Scotland
Meadowbank House
153 London Road

Find out about our registration fees.


If you're a business user, you can use ScotLIS to search the Register of Judgments. You can search by defendant, pursuer or judgment number.

If you don’t have a ScotLIS login, you can order documents from the Register of Judgments. You’ll need to know the number of the deed you’re searching.

It costs £20 to order a copy of a deed online or by written request. If you make the request in person at our Edinburgh or Glasgow office, the fee is £30.



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