Register of Protests

The Register of Protests is a record of deeds in which payment is sought as a result of a previous unfulfilled agreement.

This register was established in 1811 by an Act of Sederunt. It’s one of the three branches of the Books of Council and Session, along with the Register of Deeds and Register of Judgments.

It contains documents in which a person protests the non-fulfilment of an obligation to pay created in a bill of exchange or promissory note.

No new deeds have been registered in the Register of Protests in about 10 years, although it does remain active.


The process for obtaining a protest and its prescribed contents are set out in the Bills of Exchange Act 1882.

The keeper will accept for registration documents that conform to these requirements. Because registration in this register is rare, we encourage you to contact us before you submit any application.


Email to enquire about searching the Register of Protests.

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