Quarterly house price statistics

Our quarterly house price figures are classified as official statistics. They are produced in line with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Quarters shown are financial quarters.

More information on these statistics is contained within our guidance notes and the key differences between the methodologies used for these quarterly statistics and the monthly House Price Index are highlighted in our HPI / RoS quarterly house price statistics comparison document. A Quality Assurance of Administrative Data (QAAD) document has been published relating to the administrative data used in the RoS quarterly house price statistics.

In January 2017, we introduced changes to our quarterly house price statistics release and no longer publish our quarterly report and statistical news release.

Quarterly statistics time series

Quarter 2: April - June 2018

Our quarterly statistics are presented in Excel format via a quarterly statistics time series. The dataset covers the period from the first quarter of 2003-04 to the most recent quarter.

It shows:

This data will be available from April 2003 (with the exception of the latest quarter summary) and is broken down to local authority area (with the exception of the residential sales volumes by price bracket).

Archived reports

You can view our archived reports containing data from quarter 1 of 2013-14 to quarter 1 of 2016-17.

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