Request to expedite an application

What an expedite request is

We offer an expedite (fast-track) service to speed up Land Register applications for registrations of any property type.

You can only expedite your Land Register application under specific circumstances.

This is known as the assessment criteria.

Fast-track means your Land Register application will go through the registration process quicker than usual. The time your Land Register application takes to register will vary due to your case circumstances.

Who the expedite service is for

The expedite service is for anyone who has made an application for registration in the Land Register.

There are no restrictions on who can apply.

Open casework and expedite

Open casework refers to Land Register applications for properties waiting to be registered.

An expedite request is when a Land Register application from within open casework is fast-tracked through registration.

Check that you meet our assessment criteria

Everybody must meet our assessment criteria before their request is expedited.

When the expedite service should not be used

You should not use the expedite service if you:

  • do not meet the assessment criteria
  • are unable to provide evidence (if required)
  • need copy deeds

You can use ScotLIS to view a title. If your property is not on the Land Register, we can provide you with copies of your titles' deeds.

If your property is unavailable on ScotLIS, it may still be recorded on the older Register of Sasines.  We're working to replace the Register of Sasines with the new map-based Land Register.

If you do not meet the expedite assessment criteria, you can:

If you’re a solicitor who is concerned about their case

You may have cases that:

  • do not meet the expedite assessment criteria
  • remain a source of concern

In this situation, contact our Customer Relationship Managers at


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