Request to expedite an application

In exceptional circumstances you can request that we expedite your application

We’ll only consider expedite requests that meet our assessment criteria and can be supported by evidence.

We'll assess requests against three criteria. Delays to the application will result in:

  • financial loss or hardship
  • the loss of future transactions
  • personal loss or hardship

Do not supply supporting evidence if your request is for personal reasons.

You must provide:

  • the title or application number
  • the reason for the request
  • evidence to support the request if you're a solicitor or a public body

We reserve the right to refuse requests for expedition.

Our offices remain closed to all but essential workers, and we are currently unable to return all deeds sent to us before March 2020.

However, if you have a specific requirement for a set of deeds as part of your expedite case, then we aim to return these to you.

Once our offices are fully open, we will update customers on our plans to start returning deeds.

Make an expedite request

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