Expedite assessment criteria

You can request an expedite if delays to registration will result in one of the criteria described below.

Category Assessment criteria
You do not need to supply evidence if...
  • You're at risk of homelessness
  • You're experiencing a risk to your personal well being or safety
  • Your application is related to a Section 75 agreement (planning and development)
  • You have a terminal illness (settle estate)
  • You're going through the process of De-Crofting
  • Your application is impacted by the Economic crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022 (for land register applications created pre-05/09/2022 or where a registered overseas entity intends applying for removal from ROE under s.9 of the 2022 Act)
  • Your application is connected to a Government Led Grant
You must supply evidence if…
  • You're involved in a boundary dispute
  • The delay in processing the application will have a commercial impact
  • The application is connected to a court case
  • The lender won’t approve the mortgage / re-mortgage / allow equity release or additional borrowing
  • The lender’s solicitor will not proceed
  • You anticipate a loss of future transactions (sale, servitude, deed of conditions etc.)
  • You've received communication from a lender that you will be removed from their panel if the application is not completed
  • There will be damage to personal reputation

You must meet our assessment criteria to qualify for an expedite.

If you’re unsure if your situation meets the assessment criteria, call customer services on 0800-169-9391.

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