How to request an expedite

You can request to expedite your application by:

  • completing our online form
  • calling customer services on 0800-169-9391

Information needed

You must supply the following information:

  • the address of the property which requires registration (the applicant’s address)
  • your name, phone number and email address
  • the name of the solicitor’s firm or company
  • the title number, you can find this on ScotLIS
  • the application number, if you have a business account on ScotLIS, you can access the application number
  • evidence of the key date you’re working towards - this is when you need your application for registration to complete.

Types of evidence

Some types of expedite requests require evidence to be processed.

See the expedite assessment criteria for more information.

This can be:

  • a written refusal to transact from the other party
  • a mortgage offer
  • confirmation from the lender of potential Panel Removal
  • understanding of any commercial impact, e.g. liquidation or economic consequences

If you've any questions about the evidence you need to submit, contact our Customer Relationship Managers

The evidence:

  • needs to be under 20MB
  • can be in a jpeg, docx, pdf, or doc format

Do not upload Outlook emails as evidence; convert them into PDF files first.

Your request will be refused if you do not supply evidence for these criteria.

No evidence required

Other types of expedite requests do not need further evidence to be processed.

See the expedite assessment criteria for more information.

If you fit under this category please do not supply any evidence.

You can just tell us what impact the delay will have on you in simple terms. This helps us prioritise the most urgent cases.

For example, you must settle your affairs due to serious illness by 12 April.

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