Find the owner of land and property in Scotland

Use this service to find a property's:

  • owners
  • date sold
  • sale price
  • description or boundaries on a plan
  • mortgage
  • conditions


A search costs £20 plus VAT per title.

The £20 plus VAT fee is also applied per area of ground.

Each additional title is £16 plus VAT, and this fee will be applied if your search covers an area of land with several titles.

How to search

First, search the address of the property on ScotLIS for free to find the title number.

The title number can speed up the ownership search process and is issued to every title on the Land Register.

With the title number, you can order a copy of the title sheet.

If you’re unable to find the title number on ScotLIS, we can still provide a search.

What we need

You'll need to tell us the address.

If you don't know the address, you can include a plan or map showing the area or property.

The plan must include:

  • an aerial view of the area
  • nearby buildings or roads
  • an outline around the area you want to search

The file size of the plan should not exceed 15MB.

You can use a free online map as long as it shows everything we need.

What you will get

You will get a digital copy of:

If you would prefer a hard copy, just ask for this in the additional comments box.

We will only send the results through one medium. If you ask for a hard copy, we will not also send a digital copy.

For land ownership searches we aim to respond within five working days and for a property ownership search it’s two working days.

Find out more about what a search can and can't tell you.

In person search requests

You can also arrange a search request at one of our offices.

Other searches

If you require a search of the Registers of Inhibitions or the Books of Council and Session, you will need to contact us to arrange this search.

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