Completed applications by type

Turnaround times for completed cases.

Registrations vary in the amount of time they take to complete.

This can happen for a variety of reasons.

For example, if a property or piece of land:

  • has not changed hands or been re-mortgaged in a long time
  • may have previously been part of a larger plot, e.g. part of a new development.

If your property is not on the Land Register, we need to start a new entry for registration. This takes longer than if a digital record already existed.

A registration like this normally needs one of our more experienced colleagues to do the work.

These types of registration must also be processed in order. This means that if there are people in the registration queue before you, we need to do them first.

October 2023

This table shows applications that have been completed within and over 35 working days.

  • 82.2% of applications were processed within 35 days
Application type0-35 days36+ days
First registrations803883
Transfers of part4371,817
Dealings of whole23,2682,430
Other land register applications93208
Land register total24,6015,338
Total %82.2%17.8%

Find out more detailed information on our progress by application type.


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