Keeper-induced registration for property owners

Keeper-induced registration (KIR) is a process we have used to move Scotland to a single digital, map-based land register.

How it works

KIR allows us to move your property title from the old sasine register to the new land register.

We use the existing title information to create a unique title sheet and plan for your property on the land register.

This change makes no difference to the ownership of your property. It's a straightforward process and you don't need to do anything.

If you’ve received a notification letter from us, then your property is now on the land register.

Please note that KIR work was paused in January and no KIRs have been carried out since then.

Your land register title

A land register title provides an accessible record of property rights. It makes future transactions easier, cheaper and faster.

You can view your property boundary on the land register by entering your postcode at You can also buy title documents on the site.

KIR titles

KIR titles are no different from any other land register title.

We highlight land register titles created by KIR in the property section of the title sheet.

This informs anyone transacting with that title how the property was registered.

We'll remove this note on the next sale or transfer of the property.

More information

If you feel you need more information on keeper-induced registration, you can contact our customer services team.

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