What a search can tell you

You can search our registers to find information about any property or land in Scotland.

Most titles in Scotland will either be held on the Land Register of Scotland or the General Register of Sasines.

The register will determine the information we can provide about the property.

Search the registers by providing us with an address or map showing the property

We do not hold birth, death or marriage certificates. Request these from the National Records of Scotland.

Land register

Titles held on the land register have title sheets.

A title sheet includes a map that defines a title’s boundaries on the Ordnance Survey map.

It will also include:

  • the title’s last selling price
  • names of the title’s current owners
  • whether there is a mortgage on the title
  • a scaled plan of the title’s extent
  • any conditions or rules affecting the title

If we’re processing an application for registration on the title, we’ll send you a copy of the application record.

If this application is the property’s first registration on the land register, we won’t be able to supply you with a title sheet or plan.

Sasine register

The sasine register is a record of title deeds. Since the 1870s, properties in the sasine register have had chronological lists of deeds called search sheets.

Search sheets provide:

  • a description of the title
  • deed details
  • current and previous owners’ names
  • the price paid for each transfer or sale of the title
  • all recorded deeds that affect the title
  • current and previous mortgage entries

Once you’ve received a search sheet, you can order a copy of any deed listed using our copy deeds service.

The sasine register is not plans-based, and we can’t guarantee that any of the deeds listed on a search sheet will have plans attached.

We can’t inspect a deed before you order a copy.

Order a title or search sheet

What we can't tell you

Our registers can’t tell you:

  • who built a property, in most cases
  • a phone number for a property's current owner
  • how many bedrooms a property has
  • details of alterations or building works on a property

We can tell you when the property was first registered, but not when it was first built.

A search or title sheet will only contain mortgage loan amount details if the lender stated the amount on the security deed.

In most cases, the search or title sheet doesn’t state the loan amount.

We can only guarantee you’ll receive a plan if the property is registered in the land register.

We may not be able to provide you with a plan for sasine-registered titles, but we will be able to provide you with a deed that contains the best boundary description of the property or area.


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