Information and Access etc Miscellaneous Order 2022

Published: 15 June 2022

This order was laid in parliament on 25 May 2022

If it is approved, the Order will:

  • provide a statutory basis for the issue of extracts in digital form from the Books of Council and Session
  • clarify that digital extracts of Sasines deeds can be issued

Subject to parliamentary approval this Order will come into force on 1 October this year.  This Order:

  • sets out the basis of which the Keeper must issue extracts of documents registered in the Books of Council and Session, and the default form these extracts should take
  • clarifies that extracts of deeds registered in the Register of Sasines can be issued in electronic form on request
  • makes amendments to the Writs Execution (Scotland) Act 1877 in support of the practice of issuing electronic extracts

This Order, which complements the Registers of Scotland (Digital Registration, etc) Regulations 2022 that was introduced earlier this year, gives effect to some of the proposals set out in Digital Submissions 2020 consultation.

Reaction to this consultation was positive, with over 93% of 223 respondents indicating their support for each of the 16 proposals included in the consultation paper.

You can read more about the Registers of Scotland (Digital Registration, etc) Regulations 2022 and the proposals in the Digital submissions 2020 consultation.

Impact assessments

You can download the impact assessment screening documents and declarations for this Order.

Child rights wellbeing screening assessment

Fairer Scotland duty assessment

Islands communities assessment

EQIA declaration