Land register completion (LRC) - progress update

Published: 02 May 2022
Freedom of information class: How we're performing

Key figures

April 2022

  • Total land mass coverage: 
    Up 0.2% on previous month
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  • Progress towards a functionally complete land register:
    Up 0.1% on previous month
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Land mass coverage (all Scotland)

Land mass coverage percentages are taken from:

  • land that is in the land register (LR)
  • casework currently in progress at RoS
  • data that we have unlocked through ‘Unlocking Sasines

The figures for Unlocking Sasines may go down as well as up. This is because land or property may transfer from the sasine register to the land register. Moving to the land register provides a range of benefits.

Figures for casework in progress may also fluctuate. For example, if draft title applications are cancelled by the applicant.

Land mass coverage by month
Coverage (%) Mar 2022 (%) Apr 2022 (%) Change (%)
Land register  48.4%48.6% 0.2%
Casework in progress 6.4% 6.3%0.0%
Unlocked from Sasines Register 23.0% 23.1%0.1%
Total land coverage 77.8% 78.0% 0.2%

Land mass coverage maps

April 2022

Map showing the total land mass coverage – January 2022

Total land mass coverage
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Map showing the land mass of Scotland covered by the land register, land that is in progress and land remaining in the sasines regiter

Land register total land mass and case work in progress
PDF, 2514.47 KB

map of Scotland showing land mass coverage of titles in the sasine register January 2022r

Unlocking sasines 
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Address coverage of properties that regularly transact

Functional completion (FC) is when most land and property that transacts regularly is on the land register.

A figure for FC is estimated by subtracting land and property that rarely or may never sell in the LRC timeframe, for example, social housing and some large land and estates, from the total number of addresses in Scotland (held in Ordnance Survey AddressBase). We estimate that this number is just short of 2.5 million. This fluctuates due to housing stock changes. However, it indicates what we need to aim for to ensure that customers benefit from land register completion.

The table below shows:

  • addresses we already have on the land register
  • casework in progress at RoS
Address coverage by month
FC addresses Mar 2022 Apr 2022Change
In the land register 2,083,681 2,087,399 3,718
In progress 69,023 70,015992
Total 86.5% 86.6% 0.1%