Welcome to the Land Register of Scotland

We are Registers of Scotland, the home of the Scottish land register.

We're responsible for keeping public registers of land, property, and other legal documents in Scotland.

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About the land register

The land register is our main register.  It records ownership of land and property in Scotland.

Introduced in 1981, the land register is based on the Ordnance Survey map. It provides property owners with a state-backed guarantee of title.

The register is map based and you can search the register to:

  • find out the extent of your, or any other property on the register
  • buy property documents
  • search for property information

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How to search the land register

You can search the land register using ScotLIS.

You can:

  • find property owners
    • find out who owns property across Scotland
  • search for property prices
    • discover the house prices in your local or prospective area
  • buy property documents
    • get documents that relate to a property such as a title sheet or plan
  • check if a property is on the land register
    • find out if a property is currently registered
  • get the last purchase price and date for free.
    • buy a copy of the title sheet and plan for £3.60 (including VAT)

If you're buying a new house

Your solicitor will register your new house.

Our fees are dependent on the price of the property that you are purchasing.

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If you're looking to order a copy of a deed

You can order individual deeds which are referenced in:

You can also order deeds that have been registered with us in the Register of Deeds for safe keeping such as:

  • wills
  • leases
  • minutes of agreement

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