Search for a will

If a will is registered with us you may be able to order a copy.

We hold wills in the Register of Deeds.

Not all wills are registered with us and not everyone makes a will.

If you are searching for a will registered before 15 March 1993, you'll need to search the National Records of Scotland.

Order a copy of a will

You can order a copy of a will by telling us:

  • the full name of the person whose will you are searching for
  • the date of recording in the Register of Deeds

If you don't know the date

If you don't know the date of recording, we will use the information provided to search the register for you.

Any information you can provide may help us find the will.

We charge £25 + VAT to carry out a search and provide you with the results.

You can order any document from these results for an additional fee.

If the deed you're looking for has not been registered, we will send confirmation of this via a printout from the register for a fee of £25 + VAT.

Other ways to order

You can request a copy of a will in person at one of our offices.

If you're not sure what you need to do, contact your solicitor or our customer service team.

If you're unsuccessful in your search for a will, there are other organisations to search.



Plain copy

  • digital copy sent via email

£25 + VAT

Extract copy

  • carries evidential status for court purposes
  • sent by post
£35 + VAT

Search of the register

  • if you don't know the date of recording
£25 + VAT

You can pay by credit card, debit card or cheque.

If you live outside the UK, we will send you an invoice for prepayment before we send the will.

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