What happens next

Once you’ve submitted your TIE request, our colleagues will review it.

We may contact you for further information

You might be eligible for a post-registration expedite request under specific circumstances.

Your enquiry can be expedited if the delay will result in:

  • financial loss or hardship
  • the loss of future transaction
  • personal loss or hardship.

You may need to supply supporting evidence (e.g. settlement date of transaction) to apply for a post-registration expedite request.


Once we have processed your enquiry, we will let you know by email the outcome.

Successful outcome

This is when the manifest test is met for both the inaccuracy and the rectification.

This means we will update your title sheet.

Unsuccessful outcomes

There are several reasons why your enquiry could be unsuccessful.

Inaccuracy not manifest

This means that the perceived inaccuracy did not pass the manifest test.

Your title will remain as it is currently.

Manifest met for the inaccuracy but not the rectification

This means that while the inaccuracy is “perfectly clear and not reasonably disputable”, the rectification (the fix) is not.

In cases where the Keeper has been unable to rectify the title even though a manifest inaccuracy exists, she will add a note under section 80 (3) of the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012.

This means she will add a note about the inaccuracy to the title sheet or cadastral map.

In this circumstance, you will receive an email advising that the Keeper cannot rectify the inaccuracy, but it has been noted.

Next steps

If your enquiry has been unsuccessful but you still consider your title sheet to be inaccurate, then we would encourage you to contact a solicitor.

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