Evidence and information

To pass the manifest test, you may need to provide evidence (where necessary) of the inaccuracy.

Types of evidence

You should include all relevant evidence to support your inquiry. This helps us make our decision.

Evidence examples

Below are examples of the kind of evidence you may need to supply, depending on the type of inaccuracy:

  • affidavits
  • bank statements
  • certificates
  • deeds
  • driving licenses
  • passports
  • photos (particularly those that are dated)
  • title sheet
  • title plan
  • utility bills

Review your evidence

You must review your evidence before you submit it to ensure that it is accurate and complete.

Before submitting an enquiry, you must ensure the inaccuracy can be proven using the evidence.

Supplying evidence

You can securely upload your evidence using our online service.

Your evidence should be 75MB or under in PDF, JPEG, PNG, or GIF form.

The filename must be under 40 characters and only contain letters, numbers, spaces, dashes, and underscores.

Information you’ll need to provide

You will need to supply the following information so we can process your request promptly.

You will be asked for your:

  • contact details, including your name, email address and telephone number
  • whether or not you’re the registered owner of the property you are enquiring about, and if not, what your interest is
  • title number – you can find this on ScotLIS
  • address for the property in question

You will be asked to explain in simple terms:

  • what you consider to be the inaccuracy
  • how you want us to rectify (fix) your title sheet

Make an enquiry

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