Monthly progress

Monthly data for completed and open cases.

Levels of completed casework will fluctuate. This can be due to variety of factors. For example:

  • the buoyancy of the property market
  • the time of year

February 2023

Last month:

  • 26,930 land register applications were received
  • 21,012 or 78% of land register cases were completed
  • 5,918 or 22% of land register cases remained open

This table shows the last 12 months of completed and open land register cases, as at the end of the current month:

Month Applications received Applications completed Applications open Percentage complete Percentage open
Feb 202326,93021,0125,91878%22%
Jan 202325,92122,6953,22688%12%
Dec 202228,74624,8243,92286%14%
Nov 202233,28729,7743,51389%11%
Oct 202230,73627,5883,14890%10%
Sep 202228,40625,7262,68091%9%
Aug 202232,26729,0953,17290%10%
Jul 202229,01726,1392,87890%10%
Jun 202228,28625,5052,78190%10%
May 2022 31,005 28,215 2,79091% 9%
Apr 2022 28,384 25,625 2,75990% 10%
Mar 202231,55028,7522,79891%9%

Open casework status

You can find out the status of any of your cases by contacting:

Contact our Customer Relationship Management Team for more detailed requests.

Bespoke reports for lenders are also available.


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