Many of our forms are now available through our online services portal as eforms.

These eforms are intelligent and responsive, so you only have to fill in the parts that are relevant to your application. This makes them faster and easier than filling in a paper equivalent.


You can complete eforms for applications for:

  • registration
  • registration in the General Register of Sasines
  • registration in the Register of Deeds in the Books of Council and Session
  • advance notices
  • notification of inaccuracy in the Land Register

Downloadable forms

Application for registration - interactive PDF form (PDF, 573 KB)

Application for registration - non-interactive PDF form (PDF, 312 KB)

Application relating to a caveat (PDF, 350 KB)

Application to vary a warranty (PDF, 348 KB)

Notification by prescriptive claimant (PDF, 340 KB)

Notification of inaccuracy in the land register (PDF, 390 KB)

Application for recording in the Register of Deeds in the Books of Council and Session (PDF, 116 KB)

Identification form for applicants who are not legally qualified (PDF, 174 KB)

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