Order documents

You can order copies of documents from our registers.

Title documents

You can buy digital copies of title documents from the land register. These include a property's title sheet and title plan.

A title sheet provides details of:

  • property price
  • current owners
  • mortgage details
  • conditions affecting the property
  • individual deeds registered against the title

A title plan shows the extent and boundaries of a property on a map.

Find out more about:

You’ll need an email address and a debit or credit card to complete your order.

Digital copies are sufficient for the majority of purposes. If you need title documents for court purposes, you'll need an official copy known as an extract.

If you can't find your property, or don't know the full postal address, you can search by map.

Order individual deeds

You can order individual deeds which are referenced in:

You can also order deeds that have been registered with us in the Register of Deeds for safe keeping such as:

  • wills
  • leases
  • minutes of agreement

Find out how you can search for a will.

Granter and grantee

Our deed request form will ask you to provide the names of the granter and grantee.

If you're selling your property you would be the granter of the deed. The person buying your property would be the grantee.

Another common example would be a mortgage over your property. In this case you would be the granter and the bank would be the grantee.

Land register deeds

To order an individual deed from the land register:

  1. Check if the property or land is on the land register
  2. Purchase title documents
  3. Fill out deed request form

Sasine register deeds

To order an individual deed from the sasine register:

  1. Check if the property or land is on the land register
  2. Purchase search sheet
  3. Fill out deed request form

Register of Deeds

For documents on the Register of Deeds you'll need the document type as well as the granter and grantee name.

If you don’t know the date of recording, we will use the information provided to search the register for you.

We charge £16 + VAT to carry out a search and provide you with the results.

You can order any document from these results for an additional fee.

If the deed you're looking for has not been registered, we will send confirmation of this via a printout from the register for a fee of £16 + VAT.

Fill out deed request form

Official copies

If you need a copy of a title sheet or deed for court purposes, you will need an official copy known as an extract.

These are sent by post and are not available digitally.

You can order an extract on the deed request form.

Other ways to order

You can request a copy of a deed in person at one of our offices.

If you're in any doubt about your requirements, contact your solicitor or our customer service team.

Business users

If you have a business user login, you can search the sasine register and the Register of Deeds.


Document Digital copy Official copy
Title documents £3 + VAT £30 + VAT
Individual deed £16 + VAT £30 + VAT

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