Land Register

The land register is our main register. Introduced in 1981, it's a register of who owns land and property in Scotland.

The land register is based on the Ordnance Survey map, and includes plans of registered properties. Every property on the register has a title sheet, which is guaranteed by the state. The title sheet defines the extent of the property on a map and gives details of:

  • current owners
  • price
  • mortgage details
  • conditions affecting the property

Structure and contents

The land register is made up of the:

  • title sheet record
  • cadastral map
  • archive record
  • application record

Each title sheet has a:

  • property section
  • proprietorship section
  • securities section
  • burdens section

2012 Act

Land registration is governed by the Land Registration etc (Scotland) 2012 Act.

Updated guidance on Legal Writings Act 2015

On 30 June 2015, the keeper published guidance on the registration and recording of documents executed in counterpart. This guidance has been updated to take into account feedback received from external stakeholders on annexations to documents that have been executed in counterpart.

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